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Ready, Set, Rent!

Let's get started!

Follow these easy steps for a seamless costume rental experience:

1. Contact us to inquire about costume rental availability for your specific show and dates. See contact form.

2. Request and review show plot, rental contract and customer profile forms.

3. Sign & return rental contract, customer profile and required deposit. Your reservation is now confirmed!

4. Within 1 week after casting your show, email/fax your cast measurement charts to us for processing.

5. Approximately 2 weeks prior to your opening performance, we will pack and ship your rental (or prepare for local pickup).

6. Receive, unpack and check contents of costume rental for accuracy and possible damages.

7. Enjoy your show!

8. After final performance, pack up costume rental in original packaging and containers for return shipment.

9. Our shipping company will pick up the costume rental on the next business day for safe return to CNY Costumes.

10. Payment of final invoice is due according to contract terms.

CNY Costumes believes in the personal touch of doing business and we are here for you every step of the rental process.

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