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  • Due to high demand, we recommend contacting us as soon as you've selected your show to discuss the availability of costumes for your show dates. You can send us a message thru our contact form, email or phone and we will respond back to you shortly.

  • Reservations are recommended 2-6 months in advance of your show dates.

  • Reservations are based on a first come-first serve basis with receipt of your completed rental contract, customer profile form and required deposit.

  • After initial inquiry, most follow-up communications from us will be conducted through email.


  • Plots are available for serious inquiries that are looking to price out costumes for an available show in stock.

  • Plots are based on our version of the play or musical. If you have a different vision in mind, please inquire early to see if we can accommodate your request.

  • Some costumes may be slightly different from those shown in our photo gallery, depending on sizing or availability.


  • CNY Costumes rents theatrical costumes to schools, organizations and community theater only. We DO NOT rent to individuals and our costumes are not for sale.

  • A rental contract must be completed every time costumes are rented for a show production.

  • For your convenience, please review the sample rental contract before requesting the official contract from us. We will not accept the sample rental contract as a valid contract.

  • The rental contract my be signed by a school or organization official who will be responsible for the rental contract and payment. The contract can be returned to us via email, fax or US mail.


  • A customer profile form is required for every rental contract submitted, regardless if contact information has changed or not.

  • For your convenience, please review the sample customer profile form before requesting the official form from us. We will not accept the sample form as a valid document.

  • The signed customer profile form can be returned to us via email, fax or US mail.


  • A $1000 non-refundable deposit is required for each show rented along with the rental contract and customer profile form to lock-in your show reservation.


  • Checks, money orders and valid credit cards are accepted for deposit payments. Checks should be made payable to CNY Costumes, Inc.

  • We accept purchase orders from school districts for final invoice payment only.

  • Deposits CAN NOT be paid with a purchase order alone. If a purchase order must be issued by a school district to generate a check, we will provide a valid W-9 and invoice. Please plan ahead if payment processing times are slow at your district.

  • For competitive bidding, we will provide an estimated invoice based on our costume plot pricing and will not include shipping costs. The estimate will be considered an estimate only and does not represent the final cost.


  • We ship costume rentals to all areas of the continental United States at an additional charge.

  • CNY Costumes uses common carriers to ship out and return our crates of costumes. We will make all shipping arrangements for you. We will choose the safest, most cost effective shipping to deliver your costume rental, either by freight truck or UPS.

  • Shipping charges are set by the freight carrier and charged directly to you on the final invoice.

  • Because shipping charges can fluctuate on a daily/weekly basis, we can not accurately estimate or guarantee the shipping cost weeks/months in advance of your shipping dates. 

  • Local pickup is always encouraged if you are within driving distance of our warehouse.


  • We require body measurements be taken of every actor, for every show rental. Recording a dress size or pants size from actors is not acceptable.

  • Sizing is extremely important to us and we pride ourselves on providing costumes that are sized properly for your actors. We will alter the costumes based on the measurements you provide.

  • For accuracy, your costume coordinator or responsible adult should be taking measurements using a flexible measuring tape commonly used by a seamstress or tailor.

  • Measurements should be taken without shoes and as close to the body as possible. Please do not measure actors over heavy sweatshirts or pockets filled with cell phones, wallets or keys.

  • See "how to measure" and use the "measurement chart" to record measurements.


The rental of costumes is only confirmed by receipt of a signed contract, customer profile AND a $1000 non-refundable deposit. CNY Costumes does not guarantee show availability without the required deposit. Deposits can be paid by check or with credit card only, no exceptions.

  1. CNY Costumes Inc. requires a signed rental contract, signed customer profile form AND a $1000 non-refundable deposit to lock-in a show reservation for your performance dates. Required deposit and forms should be submitted upon confirmation of show availability. The deposit will be applied to the final invoice.

  2. Prices are quoted for a one-week rental, unless otherwise stated. A one-week rental is considered the Friday prior to your opening date through final performance. For longer rental periods, special arrangements must be made.

  3. Any unused costumes may be shipped back to CNY Costumes BEFORE the opening date to avoid the full rental price but will incur a $20 restocking fee. Costumes prepared by CNY Costumes and cancelled or changed at your request prior to your pickup/ship out date are also subject to a charge of $20 per costume. We will honor requests for changes/additions to the costume rental up until one week prior to the scheduled ship/pickup date and reserves the right to reject any such requests after that date.

  4. Due to show popularity, all show reservations are on a first come, first served basis. We recommend contacting CNY Costumes via email or phone to discuss show availability at least 2-6 months prior to your show dates. Any specialty costume requests or build items should be discussed at time of show inquiry if possible.

  5. Custom-built costumes due to non-standard sizes (those difficult to fit) may incur additional rental fees. Non-standard sizes are defined as bust/chest or waist measurements over 48 inches. Shows/characters that are double cast will incur an additional handling fee based on the initial rental cost.

  6. CNY Costumes will provide measurement charts and instructions to the director for measuring the actors. Charts are to be emailed/faxed within 1 week of show casting to ensure proper processing of your costume rental. The CNY Costumes staff will alter costumes according to sizes submitted, however, additional alterations may be needed.  Costumes & accessories must NOT be dramatically altered, cut, or redesigned!!  Any alterations must be done by hand and removed BEFORE the costumes are returned.  Our staff will then label and pack each costume item prior to shipment/pickup. 

  7. Minor alterations may be necessary; however, the following alterations are unacceptable and will be considered damage: tearing, burning, cutting, staples, tapes, glue, paint, dye, and iron-on patches/tapes. Any alterations must be done by hand and removed BEFORE the costumes are returned.

  8. Minor wear is expected during any performance, however, damage such as missing buttons/trims, excessive make-up and burn marks on pants from knee slides will incur charges up to full replacement value when applicable.

  9. When a school district requires a competitive bid to obtain a costume rental, the CNY Costumes will provide an estimated costume rental invoice. The estimated invoice will be considered an estimate only and will not constitute a reservation or final invoice.

  10. When a school district generates a purchase order for check payment (including for the $1000 non-refundable deposit), the CNY Costumes will provide a valid W-9 and invoice. To expedite a rental reservation and deposit, we recommend using a credit card to secure your show request due to time delays associated with purchase order processing. It is the responsibility of the director to plan for payment in a timely manner.

  11. CNY Costumes will arrange shipment of costume rentals to all areas of the continental United States at the expense of the renter. Shipping fees are charged at costs set by the freight carrier and will be added to the final invoice. 

  12. For local costume rentals within driving distance, costume rental pickup and return is the responsibility of the program director. 

  13. Costume rentals must be returned on the first business day after the close of the show unless previous arrangements have been made with CNY Costumes.  Returns received later than the 3rd day will be billed an ADDITIONAL WEEK’S rental rate PER COSTUME.

  14. Rentals should be returned in the original boxes/crates that they arrived in with original packaging. All costumes should be hung on hangers provided. Cleaning of costumes is included in the rental price.

  15. NYS sales tax will be charged on rentals within New York State, unless a federal tax ID number is provided on the customer profile.

  16. Final payment is due upon receipt of the costume rental unless a purchase order has been issued. For purchase orders, CNY Costumes will require the balance be paid within 10 days upon return of the costumes (after final performance). 

  17. Checks should be made payable to CNY Costumes, Inc. Valid credit cards accepted include VISA, Mastercard and Discover.

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