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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I rent costumes for my Halloween party?

A: No, we do not rent costumes to individuals. We only rent theatrical costumes to schools, organizations and community theaters.

Q: We just decided on our school musical for next year and have secured the rights. How soon should we contact you about reserving costumes for our show?

A: Contact us soon as possible about show availability for your production. Many of our shows are reserved months in advance. Waiting until you've cast your show is usually too late. 

Q: Can I just call to reserve my costume rental?

A: No, we must receive 3 important items to lock-in a show reservation:
$1000 non-refundable deposit, signed rental contract and signed customer profile form.

Q: We do stage productions throughout the school year and would love to rent costumes for all of them. Can I send in one contract, profile and $1000 deposit to cover all of them at once?

A: No. We understand directors are busy with planning all of the various aspects of each production, but we require a separate contract and deposit for each show. We will gladly accept all paperwork and deposits together at one time if that option makes life easier. Don't forget to file a separate customer profile form for each production as well.

Q: Our school is within a 3 hour drive of your facility. Can we make arrangements to pickup our costume rental instead of paying for shipping?

A: Yes, absolutely!

Q: We are located outside of New York state. How does shipping work?

A: We ship our costumes in large plastic crates on freight trucks unless your rental is small enough to be handled by another carrier like UPS. Because the crates are very bulky and heavy, the trucking company will need to unload them at a loading dock or they can be moved if you have access to a forklift. We will make all arrangements for you with the carrier, both shipping and returning. There is no need to contact the carrier. We will be in contact with through the entire process. Someone at your school or organization must be available to receive the shipment when it arrives. Be sure to retain all packing materials so our costumes can be returned safely to our facility.

Q: In order to give more students the opportunity for a lead role in our show, we have double cast the lead characters in our show. How is costuming handled for double casted shows and is this something you can help us with?

A: Yes, we have been getting this request more frequently. Generally, if both actors  are close in size and can share costumes, we will send one costume for them to share for their performances. If we determine both actors are completely different sizes, then we will send two costumes. Additional fees will apply.

Q: We have worked with CNY Costumes in the past and have always been lucky enough to choose a show from your existing show gallery. We have chosen a show this year that is not on your show list. Would you be able to build the show for us?

A: Yes, however, it depends whether we can fit a brand new show build into our schedule. Timing is everything on this one. Most schools that ask this question have learned that we generally require 6 months to 1 year notice to accommodate the request. It's best to contact us early to discuss the possibility.

Q: Our school district recently incorporated the drama club budget into the school budget and thus are now funding our program. Great news, right? Well, now I will need to acquire 3 bids for costume rentals from 3 different companies. Will you provide a bid/estimate for costume rental?

A: Yes, we can provide an estimated cost based on our costume plot pricing and your cast size. If shipping is required, you will need to anticipate additional charges for shipping. The estimated invoice we provide will not be considered a valid contract or final cost estimate. The bidding process takes time and we recommend starting early to avoid missing out on reserving your show dates.

Q: Are we responsible for cleaning the costumes?

A: No, we will clean them after they return to our facility.

Q: Will my deposit be returned to me after the balance is paid in full or will it be applied to the final invoice?

A: Your deposit will be applied to the final invoice.

Q: When will we receive our costumes?

A: You will receive the costumes by the Friday before your first dress rehearsal.

Q: Can our students purchase any of their costumes or accessories?

A: No, we do not sell our costumes and all pieces must be returned so that another production can enjoy them.

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